A feast for the senses in an intimate and unique setting

We bring to you a culinary legacy in an unforgettable setting from the creators of Fat Fish. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner are served at this elegant indoor and outdoor restaurant with stunning views. This restaurant focuses on three essentials including hospitality, ambience, and creative flair. Our Restaurant at Valley Meadows Farm is an ideal setting for a wonderful meal to celebrate any event. Raise your glasses filled with the finest collection of cocktails and beverages and toast to a vacation to remember.

Our Indoor Restaurant is stylishly designed, with modern décor and an ever-changing display of art to remind you that this is not your typical restaurant. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere while you savour the taste of fresh flavours, delicious meats and seasonal dishes.
The Goan Portuguese and the Hindu Saraswat Cuisines are two different Goan flavours that we present you with. We are delighted to create the scene for our valued visitors by serving traditional Goan cuisine as well as a diverse selection of dishes.
The space also flows through to the outside, where an intimate terrace offers al fresco drinks and dining for balmy summer evenings and cosying up for cooler weather. Under The stars, enjoy beverages, friends, family and good times.
The breathtaking panoramic views may steal your heart, but not your appetite. Come here to experience a taste of Goa in each inspired dish, all presented in an amazing atmosphere that embodies elegance.
A twist on tradition
We provide two unique Goan cuisines to you: simply made but skillfully prepared, with a blast of flavour. The Portuguese cuisine of Goa meets the Hindu Saraswat cuisine of India. Whether you’d like a gastronomic experience with the greatest local foods, a quick and delightful snack, or a classic cocktail with a view, we have the right experience for you at our casual yet chic dining area for you.  
We are delighted to create the scene for our valued visitors by serving traditional Goan cuisine along with a diverse selection of dishes. We provide outstanding service and culinary pleasures for a memorable time during your visit
Goan Cuisine

Enjoy authentic Goan food blended in local seasonal ingredients.

Indian Cuisine

Indulge in a melange of flavours & spices to enhance your palate.

Chinese Cuisine:

Savour traditional Chinese dishes with rich aroma and good taste.

Swim your worries away
Take a break to dive in, switch off and breathe out
Reconnect and refresh your senses with meaningful encounters in areas of amazing natural beauty. Bring everyone together and spend a relaxed, sun-filled day in your private cabana by the pool.
The pool is surrounded by lush nature and offers breathtaking views. Sip exquisite cocktails at the pool while soaking in the sunshine on your sunbed.
The calm waters and peaceful settings are an ideal escape from the city’s daily hustle and bustle.




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